About OX

A love of travelling and playing board games was the impetus behind OX, with creators Steve Ranson and Octavia Warren wanting an easily transportable game that they could play just about anywhere. The addictive two-player game rolls up neatly to pocket size and is inspired by the best bits of pair’s favourite games – Frustration, Backgammon and Draughts.

The Game

OX is a two-player, portable, table-top game that combines strategy and luck. The aim is to get all of your counters across the board before your opponent – by moving the counters with each roll of the dice.
Depending on your roll, you can attack your opponent, defend yourself or simply move your counters across the board.
The rules are really easy to pick up and you develop strategies and tactics the more you play. A game lasts 10-15 minutes and can be played by any age.

The Concept

What makes OX unique is the sustainable nature in which it is made and the portable nature with which it transports.
The game is manufactured and assembled in the UK using sustainable products such as leather, walnut, oak and obeche.
The pieces fit within the leather board and it rolls up to neatly fit inside your pocket.
The material and quality means the game will age beautifully and last forever.
It’s portability means you can take and play it everywhere you go.
It makes the perfect present for an avid or aspiring traveller, or for anyone who appreciates a good board game.

The Story behind the Game

The game was created in 2015 by co-founders Octavia Warren and Steve Ranson.

They came up with the game when they were in a long-distance relationship, Octavia was living in Paris, and Steve was in London. They would regularly travel to see each other and would bring different board games with us to play when we were together. They loved playing games together and so decided to create a game that was easily transportable and could be played in a short time, in any of the places they visited, and then pack up small and light for when they moved around.

OX is inspired by some of their favourite games and designed to be fun, addictive and long lasting. The portability, ease of use and quality of materials of OX are what sets it apart. Octavia and Steve have designed the OX set to play effortlessly, roll up easily and feel smooth and comfortable like a well-worn belt.


Octavia and Steve started out by just making sets for each other, friends and family.

By popular demand they decided to see if they could expand the OX community.

The game was launched on kickstarter on 1st October 2017 and was successfully funded in 4 days. They manufactured all of the OX sets for the Kickstarter between November and February and shipped all of the rewards out by the end of February 2018. You can see our Kickstarter campaign video at the bottom of this page.

The Founders

Octavia worked in publishing and marketing before joining the UK Civil Service as a Fast-Stream graduate. Her main OX duties involve marketing, branding and social media.

Steve is an architect working in London. His main OX duties involve hand-crafting the prototypes and developing the different designs of the game.